thePour is...
Chad LaRoy - Drums |
Jeff Lee - Vocals |
Jack Wiese - Guitars |
Addison Bracher - Guitars |
Brian PookeeJones Smith - Bass |

Saint Louis rock allies joined forces to form thePour, a modern alt rock group. Members Jeff Lee (vocals), Chad Laroy (drums), Brian Smith (bass) and Jack Weise (guitars) & Addison Bracher (guitars) are no strangers to the stage or each other, and with all their previous success, this union cannot be overlooked. 
Lee and LaRoy first collaborated in the late 90s making their rounds in St. Louis concert halls. Lee is a charismatic front man with vocals to match. Despite his talents, he exited the music scene for family life, yet continued to pen lyrics over the years. The call of the rock ‘n’ roll dream, however, was too strong for LaRoy. Along with Smith, LaRoy went on to enjoy chart-topping success with Cavo. Smith is a boss on the bass, which complements LaRoy’s domination on the drum kit. In 2012, LaRoy set down the sticks and bowed out of Cavo. 
Hungry for new musical pursuits, LaRoy reunited with Lee, and they hit the studio. Other musicians played sessions with them, but the music produced was not what they had envisioned. They returned to a duo until deciding to invite Smith to bolster the band. Now three men strong, they started anew and produced promising musical ideas. With need for some guitars for their project Smith suggested adding Weise & Bracher to the roster. As the 5 piece, they began writing music together, they used the moniker “thePour” to describe the effortless flow of their musical ideas. It suited them, and thePour is what they became. 
thePour’s eagerly anticipated 2017 release of new music. began writing and collaborating relentlessly.  Five songwriters sitting there making sure they came up with the best material with no restrictions.  The result, their first full record  entitled "in the midst of lions"